Wolves hunt in different ways, depending on the prey. A single
wolf will hunt for small prey such as, mice, rabbits, squirrels, beavers,
geese and even fish if available. Although much of their prey is that of
large animals such as deer, elk, moose, caribou, muskoxen and bighorn sheep.
Most of which are hard to catch and can be dangerous when cornered, so
wolves usually hunt them in packs.

Wolves can run for miles without tiring when they are hunting moose, 
elk, or other large prey. Wolves have strong muscles, and their legs 
are long and almost spindly. Like dogs, and most other animals, 
wolves run on their toes. This makes their legs even longer and lets
them take longer steps, so that they can run fast. Wolves seem to 
glide effortlessly when they run, almost like the shadow of a cloud 
drifting along the ground.

After wolves kill their prey, they may rest for a brief time or eat
right away.

Each wolf eats 10 to 20 pounds (4-9 kilograms) of meat. And if there 
is any left, they may come back later to feast again. 

In times past the wolves of Europe have terrorized whole regions.
One wolf from the south of France was known as "The Beast of Gevandan".
In about four years this wolf killed 123 people. Its depradation against
people and livestock became so severe that Louis XV called out an entire
army to hunt it down! It took 43,000 men and 2,800 dogs and two months
to finally kill this wolf! *** *** Although this tale does exist, there
is no known record of a healthy wolf ever trying to kill a human in North
America. *** ***



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