A Cause to Read!

I usually select 2-3 charities a year. This year $100.00 
will be given to:

· The Catholic Children's Home in Alton, Ill
· Pierce City, Mo. Library, to help rebuild
  their book collection, which was lost when 
  the city was struck by the massive tornado 
  back in May of this year.

. Locks of Love, including my locks!

There are many worth while charities out there - I know I have 
several near and dear to my heart, but here are some that could 
surely use your help. Think of it this way: You get a 
fascinating book to read and in return someone out ther gets 
your help!

So again: once you have purchased your copy select which charity 
you'd like to receive the proceeds of your book. If the information 
provided is not enough to help you make a decision, then click 
on their link, read up, then come back.

HALOS - Sullivan's Island, SC
(Helping And Lending Outreach Support) is a public/private partnership that provides much needed resources and services to abused and neglected victims served by the Charleston County Department of Social Services. This project was supported by Award No. 2003VFGX0024 by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime.

The Cradle - Evanston, Ill.
Our mission is to benefit children -- by providing education, guidance and lifelong support on parenting choices.Our commitment is to serve as a partner in creating and sustaining nurturing families.

Child Welfare League of America - Washington, DC
An association of almost 1,200 public and private nonprofit agencies that assist over 3.5 million abused and neglected children and their families each year with a wide range of services.

The Crippled Children's Association of South Australia
Is the main provider of therapy and family support services to children with physical and multiple disability living in South Australia.

Wish upon the North Star - Anchorage, AK
Was organized by Alaskans in 1983 to fulfill the wishes of Alaskan Children with life-threatening illnesses. It is our profound desire to bring joy and hope where there may be sadness and confusion, and to provide as much happiness and comfort as possible to these very special children and their families.

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging-Kansas, KS
When you become a CFCA sponsor, your monthly contribution provides life-changing benefits such as education, nutrition, clothing, and medical care to your sponsored friend.

Kids Peace - Orefield, PA
Dedicated to giving hope, help, and healing to children facing crisis.

A New Day - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Their mission is to provide refuge, education, prevention, intervention, and treatment services to those at risk.

Care for the Wild of Wisconsin
Dedicated to the protection and health of animals in danger due to the poaching of elephants and rhinos in Africa, as well as other animals, such as tigers and river dolphins in Nepal and cheetahs in Botswana.

American Heart Association - St. Louis, Mo
Dedicated to the reduction of disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

LULAC - Washington, DC
Provide more than half a million dollars in scholarships to Hispanic students each year, conduct citizenship and voter registration drives, develop low income housing units, conduct youth leadership training programs, and seek to empower the Hispanic community at the local, state and national level.

Aspira - Chicago, IL
Is the only national nonprofit organization devoted solely to the education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youth. ASPIRA takes its name from the Spanish verb aspirar, "aspire."

Humane Society of Missouri
Generous contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations help the Humane Society of Missouri provide much-needed relief and care to abused and neglected pets. We receive no government support or United Way funding. Your tax-deductible gift is truly appreciated.

If you have any comments about the book, be sure to include them - we may post them as well! Thank you for your warm heart and support, and may the heavens shower upon you ten fold.

To cast your choice send a small note to: Caleng

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