" The Dreamer " 
A mind drifting through life
In an imaginary place
Full of fantasies and illusions
Of love and adventure!
Arousing feelings trapped within...
All that is pleasing to the eye.
Childish, yet bubbling with ecstasy,
Oh, such a contagious state it is!
Fascinated by the story lines...
The capabilities are unanimous!
They say dreamers...
Are of no value!
Lost and misunderstood
Must we contain ourselves for the critics?
What would the world be like,
If dreamers did not exist?
Colorless, tasteless, and dull,
Vague in every wish!
So let go, dream !
So many things to do !
Create a world of happiness and joy,
For reasons we do not know
To venture through the world of your mind
Is the greatest thing of all!

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