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Tesseract and EDGE: Publishers on the Same Page


(Calgary, Alberta) EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, winner of both the Alberta Emerging Publisher of the Year Award and the Independent Publisher Book Award for first book, The Black Chalice by Marie Jakober, has announced its acquisition of Tesseract Books Ltd, Canadas premiere publisher of speculative fiction. The Tesseract imprint has been in use since 1985, and now has more than 50 editions in print.


The announcement was made at the 61st World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto to Science Fiction and Fantasy aficionados from around the world.


Brian Hades, president of EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing in Calgary, Alberta said, Its the complete opposite of the typical story. So often you hear of bigger companies acquiring a smaller one - it is quite the reverse in this case.


Since 1985, the Tesseract imprint has focused on the best work Canadian speculative fiction authors have to offer. The imprint publishes short story anthologies, novels and translations of French Canadian works.


The commitment to maintaining and expanding the Tesseract imprint as the premiere voice of Canadian speculative fiction remains unchanged, says Hades. The purchase of Tesseract Books Ltd. enables us to continue the production of quality speculative fiction with a Canadian twist.

Our EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing imprint will focus on the introduction of full-length works by North American and international authors such as Australias K. A. Bedford (Orbital Burn). Its the best of all worlds for authors and readers alike.


I knew from the beginning that both Tesseract and EDGE share an absolute commitment to publishing excellence. We are on the same page. Thats one of the reasons why this acquisition definitely works, says Hades.


Award winning authors Candace Jane Dorsey and Timothy J. Anderson will continue to be involved with the Tesseract imprint as authors and editors. They join EDGEs energetic management team of professionals who are dedicated to encouraging, publishing, and promoting thought provoking science fiction and fantasy literature.




Interview with Brian Hades

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