Some "cultural givens" are so deeply imbedded, they are invisible 
to those who hold them -often leading to communication failure, 
embarrassment, frustration, and even discrimination.

(St. Louis, Mo) December 10, 2003--Imaginative new children's author, M. Romeroís writing stems from her Catholic and Mexican background of traditional stories told by her grandmother and mother. The enigmatic nature of these mythical tales has had a significant influence on her recently released novel, which also reveals her personal experience as a Hispanic in America.

Though primarily a high-concept fantasy adventure, Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl challenges every readerís views, perceptions, and prejudices. But those issues become common struggles that unite the diverse characters and show how they are ultimately more alike than different.

The author, M. Romero was born in Tampico, Mexico. She has attended schools in the US and Mexico. Served a tour in the US Navy, and currently works as a nurse. Has published several works including poetry. Presently, she is working on her second novel in the series. M. Romero is available for interview, and lives in St. Louis, Mo. If you would like to arrange an interview, please contact at (314) 890-9730 or for more information visit http://betsie.tripod.com

Review copies available upon request.

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