The Wolf
The wolf has always inspired fear and hatred, awe and respect, but
their images have long fascinated mankind for centuries ! Remember 
all that happened with the three little pigs, little red riding hood?
Just to mention a few of the mythical misconceptions of man.

These creatures are beautiful, graceful and powerful! These wild
members of the canine family have long been regarded as symbols of
predatory evil, whereas their domesticated cousins have wagged their
way into mens' hearts. Our fear of wolves is old and deeply rooted, 
stemming from tales of European peasants pulled down in their fields,
of terror-stricken travelers in open sleighs pursued by howling packs,
and of men transformed into fanged beasts when the moon is full. Yet
wolves and dogs interbreed, and the offspring have provided men with 
hearty sled-pullers and after considerable out-breeding, with loyal
hunting companions and pets!

But what is this animal of our imaginations truly like? Are wolves
savage and destructive hunters of people and livestock? Or are they
nature's most misunderstood creatures? Perhaps by learning about the
wolf and how it lives in the natural world, we can begin to tell the 
difference between the real animal and the fables we've created!


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