The young Prince Caleng had grown into a strikingly handsome 
young man. At twelve he was a rambunctious stripling. Keep 
in mind that years of the faerie realm should in no way be 
confused with human years. Nor should they be compared to, as 
it is hard to determine just how much actual human time had 
passed since the chaotic duel between wizards. Either way the 
young Prince was but a child. His emerald eyes radiated against 
his pale, milky face and sandy brown hair. He seemed rather 
fragile due to his lanky appearance. Prince Caleng had grown up 
in the care of others, lonely, yet loved by all. But his 
brilliant eyes sparkled deceivingly. It was obvious the young 
Prince was hiding something. Something hidden deep within his 
heart, something that no one knew of, not even his estranged 
father, King Perret. 
    But, setting all aside Caleng abandoned his inner most 
secrets and gleefully zoomed through the narrow dim lit corridors 
of Brzden castle. His wings fluttered behind him at a high speed 
while rounding a corner. Boldly the upper half of his body came 
dangerously close to the serrated bricks of the corridor wall. 
Flushed his pointy ears laid back, as his chest daringly skimmed 
past the wall again and only by an inch. 
    Though just as he arched, aiming towards the center of the 
corridor, unfortunately his left foot didn’t quite make it. It 
dragged slightly scraping the surface of the cold stone masonry 
sending him rolling in mid air and out of control. 
    Like a distressed jet plane on a runway, one bounce, two 
bounces, a spin for what seemed an eternity, then finally he plowed 
into the dirt floor and skidded to a complete stop just one foot 
away from a chamber door. Covered in dirt, his head lifted. His eyes 
narrowed and his straight nose protruded out from his dirt-covered 
face at a sharp angle. With excitement, a wide grin displayed a full 
set of pristine white teeth! He laughed a hearty laugh, as he stood 
up and dusted himself.
    Meanwhile, in a tower chamber, a tattered black dress hem 
slithered across the floor led by a pair of worn out black shoes. 
Suddenly an empty tin cup fell to the floor with a clang then bounced 
and rolled away.
  “I said just a moment!” a raspy voice bellowed. 
    On the other side of the room, on a wobbly wooden perch, bounced 
a black crow named Hollorbab, and the tin cup in the air was spiraling 
back towards him at a high speed. He ducked. The cup flew past. 
  Hollorbab’s head lifted, “ha, ha you missed!” 
    Just then the tin cup ricocheted off the wall and hit him from 
  “Aaarghh!” he screamed.
    A wicked cackling boomed back.
  “You tried to kill me!”
    A brimless, dust covered black conical lifted and Jwbrylla’s eyes 
gleamed a wicked flare momentarily. 
  Hollorbab in a change of heart, “I’m sorry.” Terrified he flapped 
his wings. 
    Jwbrylla gave a quick glance back to the small black cauldron held 
inside a sparkling gold fairy ring. “Stop that nonsense already.”
    He retorted with a short squawk. 
  “I’ve wasted enough time on you today.” She shooed him away and in a 
blink the cranky old elfin witch returned to her spell in progress. 
    Jwbrylla was known as the wise woman of the court, it was rumored 
that she was older than all the elves. But the one rumor that stuck with 
her the most was that of a plain cranky, stubborn old witch.  
  “An eye of newt,” she quickly tossed it into the boiling cauldron. “A 
drop of morning dew...” she lifted a vial and turning it over, a drop 
ka-plunked into the mixture. “A pat of butter.” She repeatedly tapped a 
wooden spoon on the cauldrons rim and the slab slid off and into the 
bubbly liquid. With a wicked cackling she stirred the boiling brew. 
  “It stinks! It stinks!” Hollorbab squawked.
  “Silence you useless bird,” she shouted as she continued with the spell. 
“Silken threads,” her fingers flicked a medium sized spider web into the 
smoking cauldron.
    Hollorbab flapped his wings frantically, as if sensing something 
terrible was about to happen. 
    Jwbrylla dipped a finger and tasted the potion. Instantly her nose 
turned up. “Something’s missing?” her eyes downcast and within seconds her 
face crinkled, while her eyes wildly searched the table. Her hands 
strategically moved jars around like a well-played game of chess. “Now where 
are those boar teeth?” She froze pondering a moment, while a long black 
crooked nail scratched at the side of her brow. “Hollorbab have you...” but 
before she could finish— abruptly the sound of desperately batting wings 
  “Nope –nope. I’d be lying! I’d be lying!” Hollorbab quickly squawked 
hopping from one side of the perch to the other.
  Jwbrylla’s head shot up. “Where are they?”
  “Err. Err.”
  “Well c’mon spit it out!”
  “Err. You see...”
  “Of course, I should have known,” she oozed then arched a brow, “and when 
did he come for them?”
  “Huh?” Hollorbab squirmed. “Of course not!” he squealed. “Did I say 
    Jwbrylla’s eyes were intimidating. An audible gulp from Hollorbab 
announced his fear as she moved towards him. He quickly took flight and 
shot out through an open window.


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