"Welcome Flat-ear!"

Here are some of the characters, see which one you'd like to be?

Caleng: 12 (63yrs -faerie) –Prince of the Faerie Realm -pale (milky) 
skin, sandy brown hair, forest green eyes, thin, acute hearing, 
mischievous, fast learner, poor judgment when taking action or acts 
on feelings rather than thinking of consequences. 

  Royal garb is same except wears sparkling wreath of mistletoe. 

  Wants badly to learn magic, and he does...

·	Learns accidentally and uses Andrade’s staff
·	Learns to draw essence from the moonstone pearl

All faerie wings are long draping and tapering at back of knee length. 
Are translucent (paper thin) and rainbow colored. Clothes are made of l
arge green sparkly leaves.

Woolly: 11 (60 -faerie)–slightly shorter than Caleng, pale, blonde, 
green eyes, always in trouble, instigator, thrills of getting into 
tight spots.

Maebee: 10 (62 -faerie) –fair skin, brown hair, caramel colored eyes, 
prissy, grounded, keeps order within the trios friendship, daughter 
to council member Ech’dar, likes Caleng more than she’d like to admit.

King Perret: 923 (faerie)– Ruler of Goliad the Faerie Realm, fair skin, 
salt n’ pepper hair, blue eyes, very handsome, stern, has practically 
ignored Caleng’s existence since the queen’s death.

Quiggles: 1,540 (a dryad) –light furry skin, 10½ft tall, 620lbs, 
bear-like, silver hair, violet eyes, invariably dumb, but kind, 
nursemaid and guardian to Prince Caleng.

Andrade: 1,479 (elf) –pale, long white hair, beard, bushy brows, tall, 
slender, fatherly type, sorcerer who doubts himself since battling 
the hedge wizard. Uses either his wand or crystal tipped staff.

Jwbrylla: 1,255 (elf) –pale, long scraggly white hair, brimless conical, 
long black dress, old black shoes, witch who’s constantly at war with 
Caleng, always seeks to punish him.

Boswalt: 845 (dwarf) –tan, rugged looking, thin, red hair, brown eyes, 
squeamish at times.

Soren: 792 (dwarf) –tan, brown hair, green eyes, well groomed, 
sophisticated, duties of diplomacy.

Tking: 868 (elf) –fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes, tall, extremely 
handsome, level headed, captain of the King’s army.

Rolith: 989 (faerie) –fair skin, tall, thin, sandy brown hair, blue 
eyes, a by the book type of person, guard within the King’s army.

Dn’Brht: 2,105 (elf) –ashen/dry wrinkly skin, as if all life has been 
drained from. His appearance is dark, hooded cloak, hedge wizard who 
believes the “power” lies within the moonstone pearl.

Fyn’hazzmhn: 2,397 (elf) –fair, short, thin, blue eyes, gray hair and 
beard, gentle, court wizard who was exiled just before Queen Arabela’s 
death. Uses crooked staff tipped with crystal.

Elváwen: 2,077 (elf) –fair, short, thin, long gray hair, court witch 
who was exiled after attempting to help Fyn’hazzmhn.

Oracle: Age unknown – consists of twelve members -olive skin, extremely 
beautiful, tall, thin, all wear different colored hooded cloaks with gold 
necklaces and different stones. They give advice, protect the realm and 
at times predict.

San’kt’s: Age unknown - faces are similar to that of a rat’s, with whiskers. 
Bulging eyes glow red. Wrinkled hands with long, thick, white nails and 
their bodies are curiously pale and unhealthy looking.

Er’dl: 5,060+ (elf) –a want to be wizard, tiny old elfin bent by age, dried 
up wrinkly lips, bad memory when it comes to faces, names and dates, spends 
every waking moment attempting to conjure up something strange in his lab.

Patcat: Age Unknown (giant troll) –has green yellowish skin, hairy and smelly, 
large hands, overhanging belly, clumsy. Likes to nap a lot.

Goblins: Age Unknown -hairy mean looking, wrinkly hands with extremely long 
black nails, dingy grey jagged teeth, extremely long twisted pointy ears, 
jagged teeth. They’re cunning, brutal and uncaring. Work mostly with dark 
forces. (Also used in 2nd book.)

Sprites: mischievous glowing balls of light. Can be hateful at times, 
especially when provoked. (Also used in 2nd book.)

Minotaur: Half man half beat with horns. (Also used in 2nd book.)

Berwyn: old spotted owl, Andrade’s messenger.

Hollorbab: black crow, tatter tale, Jwbrylla’s experimental pet.

Smmagg: a rock dove with black marked wings and purple breast. Transformed 
by Andrade and sent into the forbidden realm to help Caleng. Original form 
unknown but resembles a lizard.

Cerath: 4,000 –injured fully-grown summer dragon, kind hearted, gives 
Soren the pearl that united with the moonstone gives full power to the 

Essyn’del’s Talking Ring: a cameo ring that has powers, conjures up storms 
within an underground forgotten chamber to frighten Caleng and his friends. 
Once belonged to the great sorcerer Essyn’del, acts as sort of a sentry.


Nicole Black: 13 –fair skin, blonde, blue eyes, cute spoiled rich kid – 
lonely – practically has everything and does what she wants.

Ermine Black: 60’s -Grandfather (3 in book 1 - 9 in book 2) – fair skin, 
coal black hair, and blue eyes, easy going. Tells Caleng’s stories to 
grandchildren Kayla and Simon.

Anita: 45 –plump, Hispanic housekeeper/nanny – speaks with a thick accent 
– loves her job and the kids she cares for.

Kayla: 14 –fair skin, green eyes, and redhead, level headed, but has tendency 
to whine a lot.

Simon: 12 –fair skin, blue eyes, brown hair, mischievous, thrill seeker, 
loves to torture his sister.


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