"The Last Moment"

 You've grown weary through the years
 For your face the hardships show
 I just don't seem to understand
 Comprehension is far beyond my mind
 I think back and wonder
 The troubles that lingered in your life
 Somewhere down the road you fell
 Trying so hard to stand
 You continue to trip and stumble
 With nothing to grab a hold of
 The fall is far and deep!
 You speak of a place called paradise
 A beautiful and tranquil place
 Full of life and joy you say
 Where angels sing sweet melodies
 The light of hope grows dim each day
 And your eyes have run dry like the dessert
 Rest now and clear the mind
 Your goals accomplished have been
 Your pain released
 Is now forever my friend
 For this long and painful journey 
 God has allowed, to come to an end.

Dedicated to Robert

     This was written some time ago for my brother 
     Robert who died of Cancer in November of 1995.

        Rest your weary soul my brother for you 
               are always in my heart!


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