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Presents her new Awards Page!

To apply for any of these awards your site MUST follow 
the rules... Please let me know as to which award you 
are applying for. I will then go and check out your site.

Please give me some time to respond as I also have other 
sites with awards and many requests! I am only one person
lol, again thank you for your patience.

1. It MUST be a kid safe site!!!!!

2. No pornography!!!!!

3. No foul language!!!!!

4. Must be completed, not in the process of completion.

5. Links MUST NOT be to other unexcepted sites!!!!!!!

6. Must link graphic back to main page...

7. ****  Most important ****  I gotta like it, hehehe!!!!

So those are the rules, nothing out of the ordinary or too
hard to follow! If your site has any of the above mentioned 
then please do not submit your site because it WILL NOT be
considered in anyway!  

And if you don't like any of these awards, visit any 3 of 
my other sites and find the one you like!!! There is a link 
to the index below the form.

Okay let the games begin !!!!

Thank you for visiting ...

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Do you like my site? Yes, I did No, I did not Possibly !!!
Please give a short description of your site... and what you thought about mine?

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Okay, I many other awards, depends on your site and the type 
you are looking for. Please click on the link below to get to
my other sites and see what other awards I offer, there is no
limit as to how many you apply for, so come over and visit, and
please don't forget to sign the guestbook!!! Thanks

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