Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl --It's what everyone is talking about!

Matt Becker, 12 "The book is one of the best I’ve 
ever read. I definitely recommend this book to any type 
of person who liked Harry Potter -The lion, the witch, 
and the wardrobe –and Lord of the Rings."

Johnathan Hendricks, 13 "I really liked the book! 
The best part was when Quiggles and Caleng came to earth 
on accident. Also how they traveled back home with Nicole. 
If you like to read, read this book!"

Rhiannan Ickenroth, college student "My favorite part 
was when Caleng and Quiggles were thrown to earth and tried 
to understand how it worked.

Usually I don’t read these types of books, but I really 
liked this one. I will be waiting for it to be released 
so I can read it again!"

Joyce Whitfield, 39 – nurse assistant "I enjoyed 
the book tremendously. I would recommend this book to 
anyone who wants to escape reality and dive into the world 
of daydreams and imagination."

Linda Herald, Postal Worker "I loved the book so much 
that I finished it in 2 days! I’m not usually a book reader, 
but this one kept my attention. There was always something 
adventurous going on. The character descriptions were 
excellent. I could see them in my mind, while I read.

This book would be great for anybody, any age after 8 years 
old. I’ll be waiting for other Caleng adventures to be 

Jennie S. Bev, BookReviewClub.com "This is Maria Romero’s 
first children’s novel yet she has shown her genuine qualities 
as a master writer. The details of Caleng’s adventurous journey 
to the Moonstone Pearl are breathtaking. The dialogues are so 
real. I’d love to see this work adapted into a movie. It would 
probably become a blockbuster.

Until then, perhaps Ms. Romero can continue the story and 
satisfies the readers’ curiosity about how the stone got into the 
hands of grandpa Ermine."

Shirley Roe, AllbooksReview.com "Author, Maria Romero 
brings the complex yet endearing characters to life with vivid 
descriptions and strategically placed humor. The picturesque 
descriptions of the landscape help the reader to imagine the 
whimsical and magical locations that Caleng visits.

Children ages 12 and up will enjoy this book, which takes place 
in a world of faeries, elves, witches and wizards. The book has 
a simplistic charm, is well written and will captivate young 
readers. The author has a fascinating character in Caleng who I 
am sure we will see in many future sequels."

Susan Johnson, MyShelf.com "In this wonderful tale 
Caleng, is approaching an age when he feels he must prove 
his mettle. The opportunity to do so is presented in a most 
sinister way when an evil wizard Dn’Brht seeks to destroy all 
that Caleng holds dear. And so his journey begins.

This is a wonderful book to give a young person who has 
discovered the Harry Potter books and is in search of more 
fantasy-type reading." 

Harriet Klausner, Amazon.com’s #1 reviewer “On the 
surface this youthful epic fantasy is clearly aimed at a 
young audience but adults will also appreciate the powerful 
tale that contains several moral points imbedded brilliantly 
into Caleng's adventure.”

Tyrone Vincent Banks, author “I read this book in 3 
evenings and I was amazed by the craftsmanship and ingenuity 
displayed by the author Maria Romero. She has the ability to 
take a story – or fairy tale in this instance – and add a sense 
of realism that creates an image in your “mind’s eye”. This 
image will continue to entertain and amuse you long after you 
have closed the book. As I read and visualized the story, the 
entire plot played out like a fantasy epic with a very high 
budget. This book enters the fantasy genre and competes against 
authors like Rowling and Tolkien with an amazing tenacity that 
will earn it a spot on your bookshelf.”

Juanita Reynolds, nurse and grandmother “Caleng and the 
Moonstone Pearl is a magnificent read, well written from beginning 
to end. It also has a flavor of “The Never Ending Story, 
The Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter” as well as many other favorites. 
If this book were a movie, it would definitely be a part of my video 
library for my personal enjoyment, as well as to entertain my 
grandchildren repeatedly.”

Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews “This is an astounding story 
full of magical duels, witches, wizards, faeries, dragons, minotaurs, 
and more! It reminded me much of the book/movie "The Never Ending Story". 
If Harry Potter had been a faerie, instead of a wizard, I believe this 
is what his tale would have been like. Fast paced, exciting, and just 
plain fun!   P.S. - I would like to own a "never, ever empty cup".”


October 02, 2003 "Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl was a real treat for my 12 year old daughter. She enjoyed Caleng's adventures and related with all the characters he had encountered. As her mother, it delighted me to see the excited twinkle in her eyes after reading a chapter. Maria Romero captured the heart of my daughter through her child-like creative imagination." -Sojourner Manns, Indiana October 09, 2003 Dear Ms. Romero, Let me compliment you on your children's novel "Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl." My 8 year-old, Mikayla enjoyed your book so much, it kept her attention and she completed reading half of the book on her own with minimal assistance. She is very enthusiastic about the sequel and waiting patiently for its release. Good Luck on book II, but I know already it's a winner. Thank You, Demetria Harris -Missouri "very satisfied mother"

"Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl" -Mentioned in American Markets Newsletter, a San Fransisco magazine

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Which Celebrities are reading Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl?

**NBC's Ellen Degeneres

**Wayne Brady of "The Wayne Brady Show"

LeVar Burton of "Reading Ranbow" and "Eagle Nation Films"

Director Peter Jackson (LOTR Trilogy)


Imagine if somewhere, in your backyard, in your own 
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